An urban legend: How to make a tattoo with eyeliner and a needle 

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Especially on the Internet, there is a lot of confusing information about eyeliner and needle tattoo making. This information pollution stems from a misconception that tattoos can be done with eyeliner and needle. First of all, let's say that permanent make-up and tattoo are different things. Basically, the tattoo is applied under the outer skin of our skin, while the permanent make-up is applied to the outer skin called the epidermis. It is also called medical make-up, as it is applied to people who experience body defects caused by genetics or body damage.

Permanent tattoo with eyeliner

Although its name is permanent eyeliner, it is not a lifelong application like a real tattoo. Permanent make-up applications have a lifetime of 1-4 years depending on the skin type of the person applied. There are special machines and needles used for permanent make-up. Permanent tattooing with eyeliner is also not a healthy method. The pigments used in tattoo paints are not found in eyeliner.

Differences between tattoo and permanent makeup

There are other differences between tattoo application and permanent makeup. In the tattoo application, the cells in the area called the dermis under the skin as a part of the defense system of our cells wrap the pigments in the tattoo inks and ensure that the tattoo is dispersed and permanent. When the tattoo needle pierces our skin, our body is stimulated and our cells become defensive. When the reparative cells that fill the injured area created by the needle cannot remove the pigments, they wrap them and render them ineffective. This ineffectiveness ensures that the pigment color stays there all the time. In the application of permanent make-up with eyeliner and needle, these events do not occur. Even the contents of the dyes are different. In addition, the needles used for permanent make-up are thin and can penetrate just under the outer skin without going down to the dermis. For this reason, dyes penetrating under the skin are absorbed by the body and thrown out over time. This causes the permanent makeup application to fade and disappear over time.

Is it possible to make a permanent tattoo at home?

Information pollution about eyeliner and needle tattoo making creates a misconception that tattoo application or permanent make-up can be done at home. However, apart from the aesthetic disasters that will be caused by tattoo or permanent make-up applications, which are desired to be done in home conditions, serious health risks are more important.

For tattoo and permanent makeup application, you should first apply to professional studios. Due to some legal loopholes in our country, there are almost under the stairs "centers" and some people who apply "permanent make-up at home". We recommend that you stay away from all centers that do not work with competent professionals in these fields. It is very difficult and troublesome to compensate for the aesthetic disasters caused by such places. It will be more costly and painful to remove or cover an incorrect tattoo application. And worst of all, they pose serious health risks. It is easy to experience irreversible health problems with unsuitable environment, materials and devices.

There are different methods to remove false tattoo and permanent makeup applications. Laser removal is commonly preferred. It is known that there are scientists working on new technologies in tattoo removal. However, a safe and successful solution has not been fully found. For incorrectly applied or unwanted tattoos, the solution other than removing it is to cover that tattoo with another tattoo. You can aesthetically camouflage your old tattoos by applying larger and darker colors than the old tattoo.

How to learn the right tattoo and permanent makeup

The best way to learn tattooing and permanent make-up is to get a real education. Rest assured, none of the dedicated tattoo artists started this business by watching two internet videos. There are different official and private institutions where permanent make-up training can be obtained. To learn the art of tattooing, the training programs specially developed by Tattoobull Academy are for you. Thanks to this tattoo course, which was designed by real tattoo artists on a serious background, there is no obstacle to having a new profession.

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